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Welcome to LooCrew, the select community for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who embody the Loogaroo spirit. We're here to boost each other's drive, reach new goals, and elevate our performance. As a LooCrew member, you'll receive an exclusive 35% discount on all Loogaroo gear. Step into a realm of special perks tailored for your athletic journey


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Who is Eligible?


Eligible athletes include those that compete at the Professional, University/College or National/International level and must be 18 years of age or older.


Coaches eligible for our program are those operating at the professional level, university/college, national/international teams, or those who coach or manage clubs, with athletes aged 18 or older.

Team Staff

Eligible team staff include team manager, strength and conditioning coach or athletic trainer of teams at the Professional, University/College or National/International level of athletes who are 18 years of age or older.

Gym/Studio Owners or Managers

Eligible owners or managers include those who work in fitness spaces with a single location, or multiple franchises.

Personal Trainers

Eligible trainers include those who train adults at gyms and private studios.

Group Fitness Instructors

Eligible instructors include group fitness, and studio instructors of adult participants.

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